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The brake system will need to be inspected by us to ensure that everything is working correctly and efficiently. If you notice anything unusual with it, make sure to contact us to see what the issue might be. Ignoring the problem can only lead to further issues in the long run when you will need to drive. If there is an odd noise or sound that comes from your vehicle, have it looked at. Catching an issue at the first sign can help you to save time, money, and stress in the long run.


The brake rotors should be checked regularly for your vehicle. The rotors will start to make a grinding noise as the wear down. This is because of the result of metal to metal contact. When the scraping noise happens, the parts have worn either further down. You will be able to see the worn brake components for the vehicle when they are in need of a replacement. Any noise should always be taken seriously and as a sign of caution. If you are not sure if the noise is coming from the brakes or another part, make sure to bring the vehicle in.

Brake Pedal

Another sign of a brake issue could be the brake pedal. If the pedal feels like it vibrates when you apply it, there could be an issue. You will want to make sure that this is looked at as soon as possible. The pedal that is too hard or soft when applying it, could lead to further damage with the brakes. It can also decrease your safety too when driving. If there is an issue with stopping, the brake lines and brake fluid should be inspected. Slow response time can indicate an issue that will only get worse with time. Remember to bring your vehicle in for regular inspections so we can inspect the car and brakes for you.