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air conditioner


When the temperatures start to rise, you will want to make sure the air conditioner is working correctly in your car. If you turn on the air conditioner, and only warm air is produced, you may need to have it recharged. Make sure to bring the vehicle in and we can inspect it for you. This can help you to stay cool and comfortable when you drive this summer.


There may be several reasons your air conditioning system is not performing properly. The compressor and components failure are often at the top of the list. When replacing an air conditioner compressor, the entire system must be evaluated, ­not just the compressor, ­to ensure the repair is successful. Often the compressor is replaced without servicing the whole air conditioning system, leading to repeated failures and continued frustration.

One of the most common causes of poor air performance is low refrigerant. If that’s the case, we can add a refrigerant charge to your car’s system and get it working again. The first thing is to reclaim the refrigerant in the system (if there is any left).

Fixing the Issue

Remove the components that need to be replaced. By doing so, you will know what will need to be repaired. Visually inspect the rest of the system for evidence of leaks or other damage. You will also want to clean or flush the entire air conditioning system to ensure debris and dirty oil are removed. Charge the system with the correct type and amount of refrigerant and oil for the application. By doing this, you can help the air conditioner to be more efficient and cool your vehicle down better.

On later model cars, the air conditioning condenser replacement may be necessary after a failure or on a vehicle with high mileage. Either way, make sure to bring the vehicle in. We can inspect it and advise you on what should be done.

Clean the system and ensure that it’s free from debris and dirty lubricants. This will prevent the circulation of contaminated oil or debris through the system that will damage the replacement compressor. After replacing the components, the system must be evacuated and then charged accurately with the exact amounts of refrigerant and oil specified for your vehicle. If you notice an issue, call for an appointment, because doing so can help the efficiency of the vehicle.