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power steering


Without power steering, it will make it almost impossible to steer a car. If you notice that the vehicle becomes difficult to turn or steer, make sure to schedule an appointment with us. Anytime you notice something out of the norm, it is best to have it inspected. Fixing an issue at the first sign can save you time, money, and stress in the long run.



Various problems that occur with a failing power steering unit can be traced directly to some kind of problem with the pump. One noise an incredibly shrill screeching, squealing, or screaming sound. Another obvious sound occurs when you turn your steering wheel sharply to the left or right while driving, or even when you’re idling and just barely move the steering wheel and a chirping noise starts repeating over and over. When this happens, the wheel is also extremely hard to turn.

Belt problems


When a power steering belt slips, there will be a shaking feeling in the steering wheel. This shaking will happen as you try to make a turn and will be accompanied by the screeching sound described above. The exterior of a power steering belt can appear like it’s in good shape and on tight. A power steering pump will fail if a belt is not tight enough. If a belt breaks or slips off the drive train, it means the pulley is not working properly. A slipping belt can also transfer heat from the drive belt to the power steering pump’s shaft and pulley system. This heat can damage seals and bearings in the pump. As a result, you will experience jumpy or choppy steering.

Power steering fluid

Inadequate fluid will cause steering wheel slippage, making the steering wheel hard to turn. In addition, you will hear a constant humming sound. Correcting this problem is a simple fix. When you hear a whining or humming sound the pump and lines need a total fluid flush
The condition of your power steering fluid can also indicate something about the condition of the pump. The color of new fluid is clear, yellowish clear, and red with a distinctive odor. A whining sound along with fluid that has turned to a nasty gray color definitely indicates a problem with your pump.