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How the Heat Affects the Car in the Summer

As the temperatures start to heat up, make sure your vehicle is in prime condition to handle the summer. With regular maintenance, we can always give it a bumper to bumper inspection to ensure it is working well. This includes checking under the hood so the engine is in an efficient condition. If there are any issues that are causing the vehicle to overheat, we can inspect them and repair them quickly. This will help with having a comfortable and safe driving experience.

How The Heat Affects Tires

The heat will affect the tires over time. It can cause them to dry out, which results in cracks and damage to the rubber. When the tires are in less than ideal condition, it will increase the chance that an accident can happen. Remember to also check the air pressure of each tire. If they are too low, then there is an increased chance they could blow out. When a tire continues to lose air pressure, make sure to schedule an appointment. We can inspect the tire to find the issue and repair it. Even an issue that you may think is minor should always be checked.


Having warm temperatures will also increase the chance of the vehicle overheating. If you start to notice the temperature sensor rise, then that is the start of a problem. Anytime it rises into the red part of the thermostat, make sure to pull over when it is safe to do so. You will want to turn your vehicle off and even pop the hood of the car. This will allow the heat to move away from the engine. Doing so will allow it to cool down quickly. If the vehicle is constantly overheating, having it inspected by a professional will help to determine this issue. It will also reduce the chance of a costly repair bill in the long run.

Driving Memorial Day Weekend and Staying Safe

Memorial Day weekend typically will have more traffic. This is because it is the unofficial start to summer. While so many are on the road, make sure to take proper precautions to ensure a safe and reliable ride. If there are any issues that are happening with the vehicle, always make sure to contact us. Scheduling an appointment will allow us to inspect the vehicle for the source of the issue. We can also give the vehicle a bumper to bumper inspection. This way we can notice any issues that might be starting to form, and catch them before they get worse.


Remember when driving over the holiday weekend, to allow extra time for you to reach your destination. Now that road construction has started, it would be rare not to come across any as you drive. This can slow or stop traffic when the road construction is taking place. Also it is a good idea to look up the route, to see if there are any detours that might happen. By leaving in plenty of time, it will reduce any frustration at slow or stopped traffic. It will also help to reduce the urge to speed and make it to your destination by a certain time.


Make sure that you drive with care as well. Leave plenty of space between you and the vehicle in front of you. If they slam on the brakes, you will want enough room to brake or adjust your driving without causing an accident. Also remember that if the windshield wipers are on, then the lights should be as well. This will help others to see your vehicle. Before traveling, always make sure to check the lights of the vehicle and the blinkers. If one is not working properly, schedule an appointment to bring it in.

Keep the Tires Lasting as Long as Possible

To keep the tires in the best condition possible, always remember to follow regular maintenance inspections. Doing this will help to ensure that they are in the best and most efficient condition to drive on. If the tires are less than ideal, it can quickly lead to issues happening sooner than it otherwise should be. You will want to check the tread of each tire before driving. If you take a penny, place it upside down in the tread groove. As you do this, if you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, then the tread has worn down and it should be replaced. If you continue driving on tread that has worn, you will notice the vehicle pulling in a direction. The handling when driving will decrease. This is especially noticeable when the roads are wet and the car hydroplanes easier.

As the tread reduces, so does the ability to grip the road properly. You should visually check the tires for any issues. Look for any high or low areas that may be unusually smooth or damaged. Also remember to check the sidewalls for each tire. Any cuts, bulges, gouges, or damage should be inspected by a professional. If you notice something and ignore it, the problem will only become worse. This will increase the damage to the tires and cost you more in the long run in fuel consumption and repairs.

Anytime you hit a pothole or curb, you will want to have the vehicle inspected as soon as you can. This can cause the front end to get out of alignment. When this happens, the tires will wear unevenly. No matter if it is the front or rear end that has poor alignment, you will notice fast tread wear to the tires. When you bring the vehicle in for a bumper to bumper inspection, we can inspect the tires and alignment for you. Otherwise be aware if the vehicle has a pulling sensation as you drive. You may also feel a vibration when driving because the tires are not rotating properly. No matter what the issue you notice, you will want to make sure to have it inspected. Having it brought in can improve the safety and reliability of your vehicle.

Save Money at the Pumps and Maintain your Vehicle


As you save money at the pumps, now is a good time to take that money and use it to have your vehicle inspected. By bringing it for a bumper to bumper inspection, we will be able to notice if anything is out of the norm with it. Any strange noises or odors are an indication that the vehicle needs to be inspected. Also be aware of how your vehicle handles as you drive. If it pulls in one direction, there could be one of a few reasons why. The steering could be bad, the tread of the tires could be low, or the brakes might have an issue. That is why it is important to have a professional inspect it.


Following regular maintenance is also important. You will want to remember when the tires should be aligned or rotated. This will help them to wear correctly as you drive. If the tires are not properly aligned, the vehicle could veer or pull in a direction. You will also notice that the tread wears unevenly as well. This will reduce the longevity of the tires for your vehicle. Rotating the tires will also help to prolong them, especially with tread wear.


You will want to remember to have the belts and hoses checked as well. Over time and age, these will wear. It will make operating the vehicle more difficult because it will no long work efficiently. If you notice any fluid puddles under the vehicle, the hose could have a crack in it. You will always want to make sure that you contact us to schedule an appointment so we can inspect it for you as soon as possible. This will help you to have a safe and reliable vehicle while on the road this spring.

Staying Safe and Healthy


It is important to stay healthy and safe during the coronavirus outbreak. While it is best to stay home, there are some things you can do. You will want to make sure to always practice social distancing. This means you should stay at least six feet from other people. If you need to cough or sneeze, make sure to do so in your elbow. This will help prevent the germs from spreading. You are able to go out and drive and enjoy the fresh air. If you do so, make sure that your vehicle is up to date on the maintenance and inspections that it might need. This way it will be in the best condition when you need to drive.


If you are not sure how often the vehicle should be maintained, make sure to look at the owner’s manual. You can also contact us and we can advise a schedule for you. Make sure that your vehicle has the tires properly inflated. This is beneficial as you want to drive and enjoy the scenery outdoors. You will also want there to be the correct amount of oil in the vehicle. If the oil is getting old, you may notice some pollutants in it. Remember to follow the recommendations for oil changes. At the same time, we can also change the oil filter of it as well. If you hear any unusually noises, it will be best to bring the vehicle in.


When going out for essential things like groceries, make sure that you call ahead to the store you are going to. Hours of many businesses have changed, so it is best to know what to expect. You will want to make sure you are there during their hours of operation. Please make sure to read our Covid-19 response here:

Stay healthy and safe!

Check the Tires after the Winter is Over


After the winter, make sure that each tire is inspected for your vehicle. This should also include the spare tire of your vehicle. If there are ever any issues, make sure that you contact us as soon as possible. Doing so will help prevent further damage as well as costly repair bills for the vehicle. Also remember to bring the vehicle in for regular maintenance. Doing this will help be aware of any issues that are starting to form with anything. If you hear odd noises between visits, this should always be inspected. You will want to make sure that the vehicle is always in the best condition.


Check the air pressure of each tire as well. You will want to make sure that they are properly inflated. If the tire is too low, then it can blow out when driving. Over inflated tires can pick up sharp objects that might be on the road. You will also want to remember to check the spare tire. Besides the air pressure, you should also check the tread wear. Place a penny upside down. If you are able to see the top of Lincoln’s head, then the tread has worn. Make sure to contact us and we can advise you on the options you have. A new set of tires may be needed for the vehicle.


Also remember to have the tires aligned and rotated when recommended. This will help the tread to wear as evenly as possible. Overall this will increase the longevity and life of the tires when you drive. If you are not sure of the schedule, make sure to contact us and we can recommend one. No matter what problem you notice with the tires or even vehicle, remember to contact us. This way we can have the issue resolved before it gets worse.

Noticing Potholes as you Drive on the Roads

Noticing a pothole or debris is important. It will not only prevent issues with your vehicle, but it will also help reduce the chance of an accident. If you see anything on the road as you drive, always make sure to drive around it and not run over it. You should also always be aware of traffic and drivers around you. That way you will not swerve into their lane and cause an accident. Potholes cannot always be seen. If you do not see one until the last minute, you will have no choice except to hit it. Make sure to slow down as much as you can. Doing so will reduce the amount of damage that is done to your vehicle.


Even if you hit a small pothole, make sure to check the tires of your vehicle as soon as you can. Even if you just slightly hit a pothole, there can be damage done to the tires. You will want to make sure that they are free from any cracks or visible marks. If you notice a problem, make sure to call us immediately. You will want to check the air pressure in the tires as well. After hitting a pothole, it can lead to a slow leak in the tire. There is also the chance the tire goes low quickly after hitting a pothole. Regularly during the year, you will want to check the air pressure in the tires as well. Anytime you notice one is losing more air than normal, make sure to contact us. That way we can inspect the tire for you.


Always be aware how the vehicle handles, especially after hitting a pothole. The suspension can be affected after hitting a pothole. If the vehicle rides rough, you will want to have the suspension inspected. Also be aware if it seems to bounce excessively, especially after going over any type of small bump that the road may have. By bringing in the vehicle for an inspection, you can improve the safety and reliability of it.

Clearing the Window of Snow and Ice


When clearing the windshield of your vehicle, also remember to clear off the side windows and rear windshield as well. If you do not, you run the risk of having poor visibility. When this happens, it will impair your vision. The end result is an increase of an accident happening to you or your passengers. You will also want to remember to remove the snow that is on the roof, hood, and trunk of your vehicle as well. If it is still there as you start to drive, it can impair the visibility of the drivers around you.


As you go out to scrape the snow off, you will want to make sure to start your vehicle. This will allow it time to warm up. Not only will it warm up for the interior of your vehicle, but the engine will warm up as well. When you start the car, turn the heat on for defrost. This will help the windshield to warm up quicker as well. As it warms up, you will notice it becomes easier to scrape off the ice and snow from the windshield. During this time you can check to make sure the windshield wipers are unfrozen from the windshield. You can also turn on the rear defrost to help the window warm up as well.


If you notice any issue with your vehicle this winter, make sure to schedule an appointment with us. We can inspect the vehicle for what is causing the issue. Even if you think the issue is not important, it is always best to have it looked at. Always remember to bring your vehicle in for regular maintenance. If you are not sure how often this should be, make sure to contact us. We will be able to advise you on a schedule for your vehicle.

Repairing Parts for your Vehicle


If there are issues with the vehicle, you will want to have parts repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Doing so will help you to save time, money, and stress in the long run. If there are any problems, you will want to make sure that you schedule an appointment. We will look at the issue, and figure out the best way to fix or replace it. This will then help you to get back on the road and have safe driving. Make sure to remember to bring your vehicle in for regular maintenance inspections as well. By following the schedule, you can help keep the vehicle lasting as long as possible.


With regular maintenance, make sure to check the oil in your vehicle regularly. If the oil becomes low, you run the risk of the engine seizing up and failing. Make sure the other fluids are topped off as well. If there is one that is low often, contact us. We can look to see if there is any damage or issues under the hood. You will also want to notice if there are any puddles after backing the vehicle away. A stain or puddle will indicate that one of the fluids for the vehicle is leaking.


You will also want to check the tires of the vehicle often. Look to make sure there is enough air in each tire. If the tires are too low, then they will be more prone to blowing out. If they are over inflated, then they will pick up sharp objects on the surface of the road. Check the tread to make sure it is wearing evenly all the way around the tire. The tread should wear evenly on all four tires as well. If there is a problem, bring the vehicle in and we can inspect it for you.

When Frozen Car Doors Happen


With frozen car doors, you will want to be careful when trying to open them. If you are pulling on them too hard, the door handle may break. You will want to gently try to loosen the handle. Take some de-icer and use over the handle. This will help you to unfreeze it as well. If there are any issues with the door being frozen shut, you can use the de-icer around the door frame as well. Besides the de-icer, you can use an ice scraper to chip away the ice and snow. You will want to be careful so you do not chip any paint from the door. By loosing the ice and snow, you may be able to open your car door easier than you otherwise could. You will also want to remember to scrape clean the windows.


One of the best ways to open a frozen door is by using the push and pull method. Push a little bit and the pull the door back open again. You will want to do this several times until the door is loose. You can then put your fingers around the edge to help pull it open as well. Make sure to never slam or hit the door hard, as this can cause things to break or become damaged. You can also try to the other doors of the vehicle to see if one of those will open easier.


Remember in the winter to make sure to take everything slow and careful. If the vehicle is cold, hitting a bump or being rough can cause damage to the various parts of the vehicle. Also remember to bring the vehicle in for regular maintenance inspections. By giving it a bumper to bumper inspection, we can notice any issues that will need to be fixed and repaired.

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