To keep the tires in the best condition possible, always remember to follow regular maintenance inspections. Doing this will help to ensure that they are in the best and most efficient condition to drive on. If the tires are less than ideal, it can quickly lead to issues happening sooner than it otherwise should be. You will want to check the tread of each tire before driving. If you take a penny, place it upside down in the tread groove. As you do this, if you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, then the tread has worn down and it should be replaced. If you continue driving on tread that has worn, you will notice the vehicle pulling in a direction. The handling when driving will decrease. This is especially noticeable when the roads are wet and the car hydroplanes easier.

As the tread reduces, so does the ability to grip the road properly. You should visually check the tires for any issues. Look for any high or low areas that may be unusually smooth or damaged. Also remember to check the sidewalls for each tire. Any cuts, bulges, gouges, or damage should be inspected by a professional. If you notice something and ignore it, the problem will only become worse. This will increase the damage to the tires and cost you more in the long run in fuel consumption and repairs.

Anytime you hit a pothole or curb, you will want to have the vehicle inspected as soon as you can. This can cause the front end to get out of alignment. When this happens, the tires will wear unevenly. No matter if it is the front or rear end that has poor alignment, you will notice fast tread wear to the tires. When you bring the vehicle in for a bumper to bumper inspection, we can inspect the tires and alignment for you. Otherwise be aware if the vehicle has a pulling sensation as you drive. You may also feel a vibration when driving because the tires are not rotating properly. No matter what the issue you notice, you will want to make sure to have it inspected. Having it brought in can improve the safety and reliability of your vehicle.