storageBelieve it or not, cars can take a tremendous amount of damage during winters. This is especially true for areas that have too much snowfall and cold winds. It is a major reason why most car owners keep their car inside storage sheds during winter time. Do you also park your car inside storage during this season? If yes, continue reading this piece to learn some important things to consider before bringing your car out during spring and summer time.

Before we proceed, however, it is worth keeping in mind that bringing your car out is not as easy as one would think. People often believe that all they need to do is rev up the engine and they will be good to go. However, that simply is not the case. Why? Because there are plenty of things you must consider to make your vehicle is in driving condition, and that is exactly what we will be discussing in this piece.

Tire Replacement

The last thing any car owner would want to do is drive their vehicle with flat tires. It is a one way ticket to trouble and costly damages. Ideally, it would be best to replace your tires especially after a long time in storage. However, if you think that your tires are in decent shape, consider inspecting them thoroughly before driving. This is because a tire may look in good condition at a glance, but upon closer inspection, you may spot several problems like wear and tear, low PSI etc.

Checking the Fluids after storage

You must have fresh engine oil to ensure your vehicle drives smoothly and doesn’t undergo damage. Engine oil is arguably the most essential fluid inside a vehicle and you must ensure that it contains the right amount. An experienced auto repair professional can help you determine if your car requires engine oil replacement. In addition, they can also check for other critical fluids like brake fluid, power steering, AC fluids (coolant) and much more.

Fuel Inspection after winter storage

Driving a car with low fuel is downright dangerous. Not only does it increase the chances of accidents in high traffic roads, you could also end up getting stranded in the middle of nowhere. Check your fuel tank before heading out, as not doing so could cause serious trouble. It goes without saying that if your car doesn’t contain a sufficient amount of fuel, filling it right away would be in your best interest. And even if your car does contain fuel, you might want to replace it as using months old fuel can be quite risky.

Don’t Forget the Battery

Inspect your battery for things like oxidation and corrosion. Inactivity can damage batteries in more ways than one. A professional auto repair service can repair and replace your batter after thoroughly inspecting it, making sure your vehicle is ready for spring and summertime.