If you’ve filled up your tank with gas recently, you may not be surprised to learn that driving has gotten a whole lot more expensive than it used to be. Elevated gas prices has Minnesota drivers, like you, asking themselves how they can save money at the pump. One way to save on gas is to make sure your car is maximizing its fuel efficiency so each tank lasts longer and drives further. We’ve got 8 tips for you to make sure your car is more fuel efficient this spring.

Check your tire pressure

Your tires are essential for driving safety and a more enjoyable ride. Did you know that your tires can also help ensure that your car is more fuel efficient? Improperly inflated tires will decrease your fuel efficiency by 3%. With gas prices at an all time high, that 3% can add up.  We suggest checking your tire pressure monthly to ensure your tires are properly inflated making every drive safe, and fuel efficient.

Look over your alignment

Spring is the time for unexpected run-ins with potholes. If you’ve hit a pothole or a bump in the road, it may throw your alignment off. If your front end is not in alignment, this can decrease your gas mileage by 10%. When in doubt, take your car in and have your alignment checked.

Fuel Efficient car & Cleaning out the trunk

If you’ve been using your trunk or your back end to store a few heavy items or haul things around, it might be a good idea to clean it out and store those heavy items in your garage. The heavier your car is, the harder it will have to work. Did you know that for every 100 lbs you’re driving around, it increases your fuel consumption by 1-2%? Lightening your load can create greater fuel efficiency for your car.

Pay attention at the pump

If you’ve been tempted to purchase higher octane fuel to increase fuel efficiency, our advice is driver beware. Using a higher octane fuel does not always equal an increase in fuel efficiency. If your car requires 87 octane fuel, filling up with 89 or 91 octane won’t necessarily lead to increased efficiency. Investing in higher octane fuel can simply cost more without any added benefit. Instead, stick to your manufacturer’s recommended octane for best results.

Cut down on wind resistance to make it Efficient

Cutting down on wind resistance can increase your car’s fuel efficiency. If you have any roof boxes or bike racks on your car, consider removing them when not in use. These items create wind resistance causing your car to work harder to maintain speed and efficiency.

Stop any idling

We know it’s just easier and more convenient to leave your car idling while you’re waiting for that friend, checking social media, or waiting for an appointment. Idling for long periods can decrease fuel efficiency. In fact, idling consumes ½ gallon of gas per hour. So if you have to wait in the car this spring, roll down those windows and enjoy the great weather.

Efficient driving and speed limit

No one wants to hear this one, but going faster doesn’t get you farther. In fact, going 80 MPH can use up to 25% more fuel than driving 70 MPH. So slow it down, and enjoy the ride for greater fuel efficiency.

Schedule your preventative maintenance

One fun fact about fuel efficiency is that your car can burn up to 30% more fuel if it’s not properly maintained. By scheduling your preventative maintenance, you can ensure your tires are properly inflated, your front end alignment is good, and double check that you are maximizing your efficiency.

Gas prices nowadays are no joke. While we can’t do anything about the price at the pump today, we can make sure filling your tank gets you farther with these 8 quick tips to making sure your car is fuel efficient. Ready to save 30% more gas by scheduling your maintenance check? Our team is here and ready to help. Simply make an appointment and we’ll get on the road to fuel efficiency in no time.