Getting the best mileage from your vehicle as you drive is important to help the life and longevity of it. With a few easy tips, the fuel mileage can improve. One way to do so is to obey the speed limits. Speeding and braking rapidly can waste gas. Depending on the vehicle, it can affect the mileage by up to 33 percent. Even slowing down to 60 miles per hour can help save fuel consumption. Not only will it help save money, but also help maintain control of the vehicle when you drive.

Tips for the Best Mileage

Also remember to remove any extra weight that might be in the car. Extra things that are not needed but are stored in the trunk can reduce the fuel mileage. With as little as one hundred pounds, the mileage can decrease by two percent. This will add up quickly in savings. The extra weight can also cause more strain on the rear axle of the vehicle. This will also decrease the efficiency of the tires as well. Always make sure that air pressure is the best it can be. If it is too low, then extra gas is wasted because the tires are not in ideal contrition. When checking the air pressure, also look at the tread wear. If it is wearing unevenly, a new set of tires may be recommended. When they have proper traction on the road, less fuel is wasted as well.


When driving, make sure to use cruise control when you can. This will reduce fluctuating speeds when you drive. Driving at speeds that are constantly changing can result in poor fuel mileage. When the roads and traffic are ideal, using cruise control can save money. Make sure to never have it on when the traffic is heavy, road construction, or if it is storming. This can increase the chance of an accident happening.