air conditioner

The summer can bring warm and uncomfortable temperatures. As you drive, you will want everyone in the vehicle to be cool and comfortable. Without a properly working air conditioner, it may make the trip less enjoyable. Always make sure to contact us once you notice any issues. Even a slight issue should always be inspected as soon as possible. One problem to be aware of is if the air conditioner is blowing out cool air, and not cold air. As the air conditioner starts to go out, this can be the first sign and should be inspected quickly. Otherwise the drive will be warm and uncomfortable.

Air Conditioner Leak

One of the most important things to do is look under the vehicle for any sign of a leak. If there is a puddle that has formed after it has sat for several minutes, there could be a leak in the system. While there are several fluids that could leak from the vehicle, it is always best that we inspect it. Over time, hoses can become old and brittle. This can result in a leak from the air conditioner system. If the leak is not fixed right away, it will lead to further issues and result in warm air blowing out of the vents.


Also the compressor and fan components should be inspected as well. As it becomes damaged, the amount of cool air produced will decrease as well. Make sure that any debris under the hood is removed. This can include leaves, twigs, or even dirt. If these are around the fan, it will restrict the airflow. The air conditioner will no longer be able to work as efficiently as it should. Also be aware of any odd smells from under the hood or coming through the vents. If it smells like burning, this should be looked at as soon as possible.