With kids or pets in your vehicle, make sure to never leave them in the vehicle, especially when the vehicle is turned off. Even if you think you will be only a few short minutes, it is still not worth the risk. The vehicle can start to heat up quickly once it is turned off on a hot day. The interior temperature can rise over 100 degrees in a matter of ten minutes. This occurs when the outdoor temperature is 85 degrees. If it is any warmer, then the car will get hotter more quickly. Even by cracking a window, the hot air will be at a dangerous temperature.


As the sunlight comes through the windows, it will act as a greenhouse. The heat will then collect in the vehicle and warm it up. Without any windows down, there will not be any air circulation either. The sun will also start to warm up the dashboard and seats of the vehicle. As they heat up, they will radiate heat in the vehicle as well. These will all add up quickly to increase the temperature inside the vehicle. Even parking in the shade will not help reduce the temperature by much.

Check for Kids and Pets

Check the backseats as you get out ensuring that a child or pet is not left behind. Running into a store quick could turn into several minutes, especially if the line is long to check out. The last thing you will want is to have an accident occur that could have been avoided. Also some newer vehicles have a special feature that alerts you to anything in the back. It can sense extra weight that is in the backseat. This is also beneficial for if you buy groceries and might forget things in the backseat. It is also a good habit to get into to check the back seat each and every time you get out of the vehicle.