heaterMany car owners visit professional technicians to fix small issues such as malfunctioned car’s heater. This article will share some effective ways to identify a faulty heater and the best possible solution to solve the problem. You can fix the heating system quickly, to help get the car producing warm air again.

Common Heater Issues and Solutions

Here are three common methods to repair your malfunctioning the HVAC system and save yourself from miserable rides in the cold weather:

1.    Chocked Air Filters

The air filters are available in the air system of your car. These filters clean the air that flows to the cabin. Furthermore, it blocks the AC and heater exchanger because of polluted air. Therefore, the blockage in the air filter system causes car’s HVAC to stop working properly.

After determining the problem, you can solve the issue within 10 minutes. The first thing would be choosing the position of the air filter. For that, you can check the owner’s manual and detect the location. Mostly, these are available behind the glove box. Remove the filters and properly clean them. If you cannot clean the filters because they are too dirty, you need to replace them with new ones.

2.    Glued Buttons or Blown Fuse

You can check the heater switch for fault if air filters aren’t the problem. The simple solution for this problem is the replacement of the switch. Also, check the fuse box for a blown a fuse. If that’s the problem, replacing the fuse will fix the heater. The clicking sound from the dashboard indicates that the switch is causing a malfunction. In this case, you need to replace the switch. Many car owners turn on AC and heater simultaneously. This creates a balance between hot and cold air, circulating normal air to the cabin. So, check if you turn off the AC before switching to the furnace.

3.    Blocked Heater Core

Many drivers complain that their heater core isn’t working properly. This happens when dust and rust deposit in the fine tube. The blocked tubes block the hot water from passing through. Fortunately, you can clean the tubes at home without a professional’s help.

For that you need to remove the dashboard and locate the heater core. Once you find the core, you need to take it out and check whether it’s the blockage that is causing the heater to malfunction. You can check the tubes by passing water or blowing air from one side. If the blockage is the problem, you should replace the core and place it back.

These are some simple solutions to complicated heater’s problems. Following the above procedure, you can fix your car’s heater in no time. If you want further assistance, you can visit a professional for an instant check-up.