Some lights on your car serve a critical purpose. This is why knowing when to use them, and more importantly, how to use them is critical, especially in inclement and dangerous winter conditions.

Each light of a car is essential for different purposes. Some lights help people view the road ahead of you, while others help make the vehicle more visible to others.

Other times lights will help drivers indicate signals and communicate with other drivers on the road to avoid any confusion. Thus, using the lights effectively makes for a safe driving experience by minimizing confusion and visibility problems.


Headlights are powerful lights in the front of the car that lighten up the path ahead of you when you are driving on a dark route. When you switch on these lamps, the red taillights automatically illuminate, making your car visible to oncoming vehicles behind you.

These lights should only be used when you are driving during the nighttime. Furthermore, make sure that you do not use the brights when there is incoming traffic moving in the opposite direction. Since these lights are so powerful, they can blind other drivers and potentially cause accidents on the road.

When driving in poor or rough weather conditions in winters, you can use the headlights as they can help increase visibility. Ultimately, in harsh conditions, these lights are much better than smaller lights, such as daylight running lamps and parking lights.

Car Lights

The main beam setting on the headlamps includes a floodlight that helps light the road half a mile ahead. Turning on these lights is common knowledge, and all you have to do is push the headlamp stick slightly forward.

Once you do that, the front dashboard screen will display a warning light indication so that you can turn it off when not necessary. Another reason why your car will indicate the main beam because it consumes plenty of power, so it is better only to turn it on when there is an absolute need.

The main beam can also blind other drivers. This light allows you to spot curves and exits far ahead of you because it aims directly forward. You can also flash these lights for several seconds by pulling the headlight stick back.As you can see, knowing how to use your car lights properly can make driving safe for you and others on the road. Since days will be getting shorter as time progresses, you must use your car lights effectively and efficiently.