catalytic converter

Thefts involving a catalytic converter inside cars are through the roof this year. Reduce the chance of the catalytic converter being stole, by following some tips. Statistics show a sudden spike in catalytic converter theft this year when you compare them to last year’s record. The sudden rise in thefts has brought people’s attention towards catalytic converters.

What is a Catalytic Converter?

Catalytic converters act as catalysts inside your exhaust pipe, converting bad fumes inside the exhaust into better combustion gas. In other words, it helps to filter out some of the pollutants inside your car’s exhaust so that it can throw out less nasty gas. What contributes to this filtration process are the precious metals that reside inside these converters.

How are they so Valuable?

Many car owners are unaware of the precious metals that are hanging under their cars and thieves make the most out of this lack of awareness. Even though there isn’t a ton of metals inside one catalytic converter, having a bunch of catalytic converters at once can mean that you are sitting on a Goldmine.

To put this into perspective, one catalytic converter can have about two to three grams of precious metals, such as platinum, palladium, and rhodium. The current market value of Rhodium can range up to 20,000 dollars an ounce.

Therefore, the end game for thieves ripping out catalytic converters is not to resell them for other cars. The thieves are more likely collecting these converters and extracting the precious metals from them so they have collective accumulation that is worth a ton of money.

Your vehicle contains many auto parts and components that have a market somewhere. This makes auto parts one of the key targets for thieves around the world. Before there was the Catalytic Converter theft epidemic, car owners experienced a rise in the car battery and fuel thefts.

As many of them in the past, this wave of thefts shall also pass, however, you cannot tell when that happens. This is why, until crime decreases, you should resort to measures that help you protect the catalytic converter from theft.

Protection Measures for a catalytic converter

Ever since there has been a rise in catalytic converters, the manufacture of protective shield plates is simultaneously increasing. Your best bet against theft is the installation of protective shields. These steel plates attach on top of the converter from one end to the end, shutting down their visible exposure to the thief. If you equip your car with metallic plates, the thief will have to pierce through hard steel to get to your catalytic converter. This is will not only be time-consuming but also noisy.

Before the state takes this sudden increase into notice and passes on legislation against this epidemic, your car’s converter will remain vulnerable to theft. Therefore, it is best that you take things into your own hands and actively make preventative installments in your car.