Whether you’re commuting to work or planning your next road trip, safe driving is a must-have. One way to improve your driving safety is to increase your visibility while driving. Improving your visibility will help you see potentially dangerous situations as you drive, and assess changing conditions on the roads. But how do you go about improving your visibility while driving? Keep reading as we cover 6 ways to increase your visibility while driving.

Keep your windshield clean

Let’s just start with the basics. A dirty windshield blocks your vision and can be dangerous at night. If your windshield has any smudging or hazing on it – street lights and oncoming headlights can cause a glare which becomes a visibility issue. To be safe, we recommend making a habit out of cleaning your windshield when you fill up for gas.

Check your windshield wipers

Did you know that your windshield wiper blades can dull over time? Your blades promote safety in all weather conditions by keeping your windshield clean and clear. We recommend replacing your blades every 6 months – so it’s a good idea to replace them if it’s been a while. Since you’re already checking those wiper blades, it’s also a great time to check your windshield washer fluid levels and fill them up to keep your sight lines clear while you’re driving.

Clean your headlights

When driving at night, your headlights are essential to safe driving and greater visibility. Dirt and debris can accumulate on your headlights causing them to dim. It’s a good idea to clean these regularly when you’re cleaning your windshield. We also recommend inspecting your headlight frequently and replacing any burned out bulbs.

Repair chips and cracks right away

It’s probably happened to all of us. We’re driving down the road minding our own business when all of a sudden a tiny rock comes flying toward our windshield – causing a little chip. When left unattended, that tiny chip in your glass can turn into a crack which can cause a visibility issue. For your peace of mind and greater visibility, we recommend fixing those chips and cracks ASAP.

Uncover your windows

Covered windows in your car can become a visibility challenge. Before you pull out of that driveway, we recommend clearing your windows by rolling up those sun shades – even in the back seat. Another visibility issue comes when you’ve got your belongings in back. From hanging clothes to boxes in the back, a full backseat and trunk area in an SUV can decrease your visibility. Consider packing boxes on either side of your car leaving space in the middle to see out your window via your rear view mirror. For things like hanging clothes, consider purchasing a car organizer – for instance, a hanger that wraps around your headrest and allows you to hang clothes without blocking your view.

Minimize your blind spots

One quick way to increase your visibility is to minimize your blind spots. Newer cars have blind spot warning systems, but if your car doesn’t there are still some things you can do. Start with setting your side mirrors 15 degrees out from your car. To set your mirrors at the best position, you’ll want to lean your head so that it’s even with the driver side window and adjust your mirror so that you can see your car. You can do the same for the right side, but you’ll want to make the adjustments from the center of the car. These quick fixes should minimize your blind spots for safer driving.

These 6 steps will help you increase visibility for a safer driving experience. If you want to ensure safer driving, just make an appointment. Our team is ready to ensure your safety and get you back on the road in no time.