Car batteries are capable of lasting for four to five years. However, several things can drain your car’s battery. Excessively cold or hot weather, in particular, are a major reason why most batteries fail or lose their performance. Before we discuss the main elements that drain batteries, let us understand the fundamentals of how car batteries work.

Car batteries consist of energy cells along with a lead acid solution that blend to offer a rush of energy, getting things moving once you turn your key. Needless to say, your car will not start unless its battery is in good condition.

Now that you know the inner workings of a car battery, these are some common factors that cause your battery to die in winters.

Loose Cable Connections or Corrosion

A battery has two main points of contact – one of them is negative while the other is positive. They are known as terminals and you can see them at the top the car’s battery. Every vehicle has cables that you have to attach to these terminals.

Corrosion near the terminals or loose cables can cause problems to the battery, making it harder to charge and start the engine. In most cases, checking the cable and some cleaning can get the battery up and running.

Cold Temperatures

Everything slows down because of cold weather. This is especially true for the chemical reaction taking place in the battery. Batteries can lose more than 30 percent of their strength at temperatures around 32 degrees Fahrenheit. They lose around 60 percent strength at 0 degrees Fahrenheit, making it almost impossible to start your engine in one go. Fortunately, there are effective solutions to ensure your car’s battery does not die during winter.

Using a block heater to warm your engine and parking your vehicle in a garage or any warm area is an excellent way to keep the battery safe. It would also help if you drove your car every day for ten to twenty minutes, ensuring the engine remains warm and ready.

Human Error

Sometimes the biggest culprit behind your car’s battery low performance could be you. Yes, you read that right. Everyone loves to turn on their radio, heater, and lights as soon as they enter their cars, but it may not be the best thing to do. Why? Because it puts extra load on your battery, causing difficulty to start the engine.

Instead, it would be better if you switched these accessories on a minute or two after starting the engine, ensuring your battery does not have to carry any extra load.

How to Know Your Car Battery is Becoming Weak

Here are common telltale signs that indicate your car battery needs repair or replacement:

– The engine takes too much time to start

– You notice clicking and cranking but the car doesn’t start

– Too many jump starts

– The engine has a sulfur-ish smell

Show Your Car Battery to an Auto Repair Service

There could be tons of other issues with your car’s battery besides the one we discussed above and resolving them could require professional assistance. If you are a resident of Arden Hills and Roseville MN, schedule appointment with Brausen Auto to get your battery ready for winter season.